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The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Lower Mainland Chapter in partnership with The Safety Differently Book Club (Vancouver) are excited to host two unique meetings intended to explore the new and emerging ideas in occupational health and safety, and the relevance of these ideas to British Columbian workplaces.  These events will be on October 25th and November 29th will have a different format than the usual meeting

  • Not sticking to the typical ‘presentation’ format, these meetings will consist of group discussions based on a specified pre-reading assignment
  • Staying loosely coupled with our ‘Book Club’ principles:
    • Because we are jokingly described as a 'drinking club with a safety problem':
      • the upstairs bar will be open at 5:00PM with beer and wine available
    • Because we have long conversations interrupted by short presentations:
      • dinner is at 6:00PM with minimal announcements
    • Because we have little agenda and allow time for people to just ‘be’ around other great people discussing interesting subject matter:
      • PowerPoint-free discussion format will begin at 7:00PM and end when it ends

The Safety Differently Book Club at the CSSE-LMC (Part 2) - November 29th 

Topic: ‘Workplace Fatalities:  Failure to Predict' by Todd Conklin (book given away at seminar)

  • Implication for practice in BC (Regulator/Safety Management)

  • Relevance to Union Whitepaper (file at bottom of page)

  • Debrief on both 'Safety Culture' and 'i-HOP' seminars and NAOSH Awards

  • Solicitation of ideas for next steps, next topics, next guests 

Jeffery Lyth will be facilitating the conversation.

Since beginning his career in safety over 25 years ago, Jeff Lyth has become recognized as an expert and innovator in workplace safety and leadership.

He obtained his Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) designations and spent seven successful years as Director of Corporate Health and Safety for a large construction company in the Pacific Northwest. During the early part of his career, he also enjoyed working in emergency response and was a Paramedic, Lifeguard, and Ski Patroller in his spare time.

Throughout his career, Jeff has been involved in industry-leading innovation, such as the first Canadian use of computerized tower-crane anti-collision systems, the province-wide use of the ‘Safety Climate Tool’ survey from the Health and Safety Laboratory in the U.K., and the development of the BCCSA Silica Tool among other things.

Jeff has represented the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) on the Current Issues Committee for Health Canada’s intergovernmental Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System transition to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), and was also accepted by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development as a Canadian Construction Occupational Health and Safety Specialist to the Canada/China Migrant Labour Occupational Health and Safety project and participated in two missions to central China.

Jeff joined the provincial safety association as Senior Safety Advisor to British Columbia’s construction sector in 2012, a move which allowed him to focus on integrating and applying the ideas and philosophies of the global ‘new view’ safety movement.

He has ‘retired’ his CRSP and CHSC designations, and his current work is entirely in leadership development and synesis, assisting a variety of organizations and safety departments to move beyond a conventional approach and break through the performance plateaus associated with those views and methods.

His focus is on ‘productive safety’ and building capacity for operational resilience.


The Safety Differently Book Club at the CSSE-LMC (Part 1) - October 25th 

Topic: ‘The Arbitrariness of Accident Analysis’ paper by Prof. Erik Hollnagel

Thank you for the great discussion during this session!  Please let us know what you thought of this session - feel free to email  The links below were mentioned during the session.    



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