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Chapter Meeting 
We are excited to welcome Gary Anaka on June 21st.  

Following some time for networking and dinner, we will have a presentation by Gary Anaka on Beating Brain Stress.  

Beating Brain Stress

Are you living and working in a multitasking environment? Is your brain under a constant state of heightened stress? Everything you do requires your brain. In a world of increasing information and technology, you are going to have to use your brain more than ever. Can you expand your thinking capacities and maintain your critical memories? Definitely, YES! Discover how to maintain a healthy efficient brain by sustaining resiliency and maintaining brain plasticity. This leading edge knowledge will enhance your life, professionally and personally. No brain, no gain! This presentation is filled with hope and optimism for your future.

About the Speaker

Gary Anaka is a Special Education Teacher, Author, Brain-Based Learning Facilitator, Advocate for Health and Wellness, and an inspirational Public Speaker. He is married and lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Gary is the top Brain-Based Learning facilitator in British Columbia today. He has been a certified facilitator since 1997, receiving on-going training from the Jensen Learning Corporation, a world leader in teacher training in the new field of Applied Educational Neuroscience.

Gary has over 32 years of classroom experience in Learning Assistance, Peer Tutoring, Gifted/Enrichment and Study Skills, at the high school level in Canada and Australia. He has presented Professional Development workshops to tens of thousands of teachers, support staff, students and parents in over 50 BC school districts as well as other provinces. He is the author of Your Magical Brain: How It Learns Best(2nd Edition - 2012)

Please RSVP by 6:00 pm on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Meeting & Dinner June 21, 2018
Time - 6 pm (Doors open at 5:30)
Members - $30
Non-Members - $35
Students - $10
Speaker Only - $10.00 (Admittance at 6:45 for 7:00 PM presentation)
Speaker - Beating Brain Stress with Gary Anaka

Location - Firefighters Club, Burnaby

Chapter Meetings and Events