Chapter Meetings & Events

March Chapter Meeting 
We are excited to welcome Kevin Bracewell for the April 26th meeting.  

The topic will be Tactical Communication:  Control through Communicating.  

The topic covers the three ways we communicate
  • verbally
  • with tone
  • body language 

It explains basic techniques in communication, and explores issues that lead to a breakdown in the conversation. It also outlines cues to look for that indicate when a conversation is escalating to a point of verbal or physical attack. 

RCMP Sergeant Kevin Bracewell is currently based with the North Vancouver RCMP detachment and has 28 years of operational experience with the Force, having also served in Surrey, and Sea to Sky. He was with the National Security (Anti-Terrorist Unit) during the 9-11 crisis, and has served on two overseas missions, training the Iraqi Police in 2005-2006, and an operational tour in Afghanistan, 2010-2011. He is a Tactical Communication/Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Public and Police Safety Instructor, Officer Survival Instructor, and Firearms Instructor. He is also a Troop NCO on the LMD (Lower Mainland) Tactical Team and a specialist/Instructor in Crowd Behaviour and Dynamics, and teaches nationally and internationally. Prior to joining the RCMP he served with both the British Army and Canadian Armed Forces.

Please RSVP by 6:00 pm on Monday, April 23, 2018

As an added motivation, everyone who RSVP's and attends a Chapter Meeting between now and May 31 will be entered in a draw  for the BC & Yukon Region to win a Registration to the National Professional Development Conference in Niagara Falls on September 16 to 19. The draw will take place on June 29th.

Chapter Meetings and Events